Criminal Record Check

Lynn Valley Little League (LVLL) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting and encouraging amateur baseball while developing the highest possible standard of sportsmanship, self discipline, courage, perseverance and citizenship for the youth of the Lynn Valley and surrounding communities.

In our diligence to maintain a safe and healthy community sports environment, we require all club team officials who work with our vulnerable sector to consent to a background check every two years.  The league will accept a valid teaching certificate where a Criminal Record Check (CRC) is required.

Applying Online

Coaches may now apply for a CRC online and no longer have to go to the RCMP detachment.  This service is offered free to LVLL volunteers. Please send a copy of your completed CRC to the Safety Officer via e-mail to

There is a fee (at your own expense) if you are asked to have fingerprinting done by the eCRC program. The fingerprints will be good for 10 years and can be transferred to other agencies. If you would rather not pay the fee, please re-initiate your CRC directly with the RCMP.

Follow the instructions on the link below using the Club Volunteer Access Code:

Online Link:
Club Volunteer Access Code: UYN8WR6LHR

Applying In Person

The following documents are required to request a CRC from the RCMP.  There may be a fee for this option.

1.    RCMP Police Information Check Application – Click here to download
2.    Volunteer Letter to Request a CRC – Click here to download

Take the completed application and the Volunteer Letter to the RCMP detachment.

Bring two government forms of ID. Medical and social insurance cards will not be accepted. If your driver’s license does not reflect your current address, you may need to provide mail to prove residency.

When you receive the results from your CRC, please scan and email to safety @