Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rally Cap?

Rally cap is a format in which game play and practice are built into one session. 3 teams are involved, while one team practices the other 2 play a mini game, then teams switch. Every team has one practice and 2 mini games during each session. Everyone gets to bat during a game, and we do not keep score.

What days do Rally Cap play?

They play 2 games per week. Games usually take between 1 – 1.5 hours. There is 1 game during the week @ 6pm (5:30 in April), and 1 game on Saturday which can start any time between 9:00am and 3:00pm. The day of the week and times on Saturdays in which your child plays will change week to week. We play between early April and mid June. All games are played a Kilmer Park

Can my child be on his/her friends' team?

While we do take requests for T-ball, Rookie and Single A in the registration flow, it isn’t always possible to fill every request as we try to keep teams to a small number so that everyone gets the attention required.

We try to keep teams between 7-9 kids, and do our very best to try match kids up with kids they may know.

What if I don't have any experience coaching baseball?

Parents are encouraged to volunteer to help coach as we only have 7-9 kids on a team and would like at least 2 coaches per team. We know not everyone can make every game.

We do offer clinics at the beginning of the year to help get you started coaching and can supply reference material to help plan your sessions, and at this stage it is all about getting out and having fun with your kids playing and learning the FUNdamentals of baseball.

What division should I be signing my child up for?

See the “Division” page for division descriptions.